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Do you have questions about your skin-care routine? Are you confused about ingredient safety? Clean skin care can be daunting with so many ingredients, so many “natural” products, and so little oversight. Kim Suvak Warden, NP, at KSW Medical Aesthetics in Medford, Massachusetts, is a wellness and beauty expert and has made it her mission to help you create a clean skin care routine using the most effective and safest products available. To schedule a clean skin-care consultation, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Clean Skincare Q & A

Clean skin-care refers to safer, more natural skin care products that undergo rigorous ingredient testing to confirm safety for use. Kim Suvak Warden, NP, has spent the last several years guided by the Environmental Working Group, researching and advocating against the hidden toxins in personal care products and the lack of government regulation linked to increased rates of cancer, infertility, allergies, asthma, and developmental disabilities.

Your Nurse Practitioner strongly believes that beauty shouldn’t cost you your health, which is why she’s made it her mission to find and offer more natural, cleaner, safer skin-care products that can meet your beauty needs without being detrimental to your health.

Am I a good candidate for safe skin care products?

Yes, you are. No matter your skin-care needs or goals, your Nurse Practitioner can develop a cleaner skin-care plan for you. Some of her areas of expertise include:

  • Inflammatory conditions: acne, rosacea, eczema, and perioral dermatitis
  • Pigmentation changes: acne scarring, sun spots, and dark spots
  • Skin sensitivity and allergies
  • Age-related changes

Your Nurse Practitioner can also create a clean skin-care routine aimed at prevention and restoration. 

What can I expect during a clean skin-care consultation?

Kim Suvak Warden, NP, is an aesthetic and wellness expert who conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you come in for a clean skin-care consultation. She reviews your medical history, usual skin-care routine, diet, budget, and lifestyle. She also examines your skin to determine your skin type and reviews your skin-care goals.

Based on the information gathered during your consultation, your Nurse Practitioner creates your personalized clean skin-care routine, which includes product recommendations. She also reviews ingredient safety so you can be your own health advocate when you’re looking for beauty products for you, your family, or your friends. 

Your skin is the largest and most exposed organ in your body. It serves as your first line of defense against germs, toxic substances, and environmental free radicals. 


Your creams and lotions may be touted as wrinkle smoothers and pigment erasers, but they may also be filled with substances that can be harmful to your environment, skin, and your health over time. The last thing you want to do is directly apply unregulated, untested ingredients to your skin in creams and lotions disguised as beauty enhancers. 

To learn more about clean skin care, call KSW Medical Aesthetics or request to book an appointment online today.  


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