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If you’re thinking about getting a chemical peel to treat your skin concerns, but you have concerns about applying an acid to your face, then you may want to consider safer chemical peels. Kim Suvak Warden, NP, at KSW Medical Aesthetics in Medford, Massachusetts, is a wellness and aesthetic expert and offers many natural skin care solutions, including safer chemical peels. To schedule a consultation to learn more about safer chemical peels, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Safer Chemical Peels Q & A

What are safer chemical peels?

Chemical peels are designed to lighten pigmentation, improve skin texture and tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Chemical peels use an acidic solution to remove one or more layers of your skin. These peels can be harsh and leave your skin red and exposed for two or more weeks while your facial cells regenerate. But the good news is that you don’t have to undergo painful treatments and prolonged healing times to reach your beauty goals.

At KSW Medical Aesthetics, Kim Suvak Warden, NP, offers safer chemical peels made with fruit acid enzymes, malic & glycolic acids, nourishing vitamins and restorative plant-based ingredients to smooth and soften fine lines, improve tone and texture, and prevent breakouts. 

The peels offered at KSW Medical Aesthetics are proven effective, while supporting health, and avoiding detrimental, unregulated ingredients commonly found in other spa-grade peels. Peels can be offered with or without a regenerative dermaplaning procedure.

Unlike some other chemical peels, a regenerative dermaplaning and safer peel do not require downtime and can be repeated as often as monthly to reveal the younger, fresher skin underneath. 

What types of peels are offered?

KMA Signature Peel

The biggest bang for your beauty buck at any age and with any skin type, this is our full strength exfoliating peel designed with plant-based, fruit enzyme power. Say goodbye to sun spots and discoloration, while evening skin tone and texture. 

The ultimate in facial restoration and rejuvenation, without the typical harsh surfactants and acids found in alternative spa-grade chemical peels. Get a red carpet glow without the extensive downtime and health concerns! 

Note: very sensitive skin may want to skip this one for the Sensitive-specific peel. 

Pregnancy Peel

You may need to skip Botox and Fillers while nursing, pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant, but we still have a solution to soothe, calm, and reinvigorate erratic and hormonal skin.

Whether you are worried about breakouts or discoloration, or just want to relax and pamper; this peel will exfoliate, brighten, and tone safely to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. This potent alpha hydroxy acid peel is specifically and intentionally formulated without Vitamin A and is a safe and effective way to look great at any stage of motherhood. 

Silk Peel

Introducing the new Rejuvenating Gentle Peel! This delicate, yet mighty peel is great for all skin types, including those with sensitive, inflammatory conditions like Rosacea and Acne, and even safe during Pregnant, breastfeeding, and chemotherapy treatments. Using the power of activated silk extract, glycolic, and lactic acids, your skin will be soft, smooth, even, clear, and radiant with no downtime and no unsafe ingredients!  May be paired with a Dermaplaning treatment for more intensive exfoliation and cell renewal for 10% off.

Sensitive Peel

Great for all skin types and all ages, but designed specifically for sensitive skin that needs a little more TLC. This peel uses alpha/beta hydroxy fruit acids, which improve dark spots and discoloration, while evening skin tone and texture. Get your glow on with the soothing power of the green apple. 

Note: Actively inflammatory skin conditions, like rosacea, should sit this one out, but consider a booking skin consult for alternative options!

Bright Eyes Eye Lift

Treats the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness – instantly leaving your eyes brightened and refreshed with the power of algea stem cells and antioxidants.

What can I expect during a safer chemical peel?

Your Nurse Practitioner conducts your safer peel at the office or comfort of your own home by appointment. After cleansing and prepping your skin, she may use a special tool to gently and methodically remove the very top layer of your skin. This painless procedure takes 30 minutes. Next, she’ll apply the enzyme peel in a mask. Some tingling and minor redness are expected initially. 

After your peel, your Nurse Practitioner applies a soothing lotion and mineral-based sun protection. Your skin may be a bit pink following your peel, but these side effects should disappear well within a few days. 

Generally, there’s no downtime needed after your treatment. However, you should take some extra caution in the sun for the next week or so to protect your newly exfoliated glowing skin.

Despite some mild redness, you should see an immediate improvement in the look of your skin after your peel.

What are the benefits of a safer chemical peel?

The safer peel at KSW Medical Aesthetics is a simple and safe treatment that can immediately improve the look and health of your skin. By gently removing the top layer of your skin, your Nurse Practitioner reveals the fresh, glowing, more youthful skin underneath. 

And because it’s gentle and ingredients are tested for both safety AND efficacy, it’s great for most skin types and beauty concerns.

You may want to consider the safer peel to help:

  • Smooth out lines and wrinkles, improving texture
  • Reduce the appearance of sunspots, freckles, and discoloration
  • Improve acne scars
  • Remove dry, dull skin 
  • Brighten and tighten complexion

The peel may also improve the effectiveness of your skin-care products and cosmetics by allowing better penetration and a smoother application to your skin. KSW Medical Aesthetics specializes in clean, safer beauty and can provide you with a skin-care regimen that’s safe and effective, meeting your specific needs and goals.

To schedule your safer chemical peel and restore your youthful, fresh face, contact KSW Medical Aesthetics today or request an appointment online.